Die Frauen von Salaga

Westafrika, Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts. Aminah, ein verträumtes junges Mädchen, wird brutal aus ihrem Zuhause gerissen und als Sklavin verkauft. Wurche ist eine privilegierte Frau, doch ihr Vater zwingt sie, eine ungewollte Ehe einzugehen. Als Aminah und Wurche sich auf dem Sklavenmarkt von Salaga begegnen, verbinden sich ihre Schicksale unwiderruflich miteinander. Beide hadern mit den Grenzen, die ihnen Zeit und Gesellschaft auferlegen. Beide riskieren ihr Leben. Und beide verlieben sich in denselben Mann.


Ayesha Harruna Attah’s historical novel “The Hundred Wells of Salaga” tells a story of slavery, power, desire, gender roles, guilt, female sexuality and its potential fluidity. 
It is set on the cusp of colonialism in what is present day Ghana and features two strong female protagonists from whose perspectives the story is told in turns. Wurche is the unconventional daughter of a ruler and struggles with the powerless position assigned to her as a woman in the royal family. Aminah has been living a peaceful life in a small town until it is attacked by slave raiders and she is captured, separated from her family and sold into slavery. 
The switching between plots and perspectives makes The Hundred Wells of Salaga an intriguing read. When the two storylines merge and the readers meet Wurche and Aminah through the eyes of the other, it presents a powerful display of the subjectivity and fallibility of human perception. 
Attah portrays the linguistically, culturally and structurally diverse West-African societies facing upheaval at the end of the 19th century in a profoundly nuanced way and provides a counter narrative to colonial accounts penned by white men from two impressive, female perspectives in the tension area of unfreedom and self-reliant agency. 

Harruna Attah, Ayesha
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Ayesha Harruna Attah
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