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Queere Geschichten werden häufig von Menschen erzählt, die nicht queer sind – Zeit, sie selbst zu erzählen! In diesem Sammelband kommen 30 queere Autor*innen mit Bezug zum deutschsprachigen Raum zu Wort. Aus intersektionalen Perspektiven erzählen sie von ihren Erfahrungen und eröffnen dabei Räume zum Nachdenken.

In the Dream House is Carmen Maria Machado's engrossing and wildly innovative account of a relationship gone bad. Tracing the full arc of a harrowing experience with a charismatic but volatile woman, this is a bold dissection of the mechanisms and cultural representations of psychological abuse.

In Queer Africa 2: New Stories, the 26 stories by writers from Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Uganda and the USA present exciting and varied narratives on life. There are stories on desire, disruption and dreams; others on longing, lust and love. The stories are representative of the range of human emotions and experiences that abound in the lives of Africans and those of the diaspora, who identify variously along the long and fluid line of the sexuality, gender and sexual orientation spectrum in the African continent.

Ute Nkatha Hermann empfiehlt: Max Lobes Buch Drei Weise aus dem Bantuland gewann 2020 den Preis für "Bayerns beste Independent-Bücher". Sie haben noch nicht von diesem Preis gehört? Ich auch nicht! Jedoch muss ich sagen, dass die Jury die richtige Auswahl getroffen hat. Lobe beschreibt die Geschichte des intelligenten, in der Schweiz lebenden Mwána, der trotz seines Diploms keinen Job finden kann. Das Buch beschreibt die politische Lage der Schweiz als angespannt und obwohl Mwána Rassismus erlebt, fühlt er sich nicht als Außenseiter in dem Land.

Taboom Media and GALA Queer Archive are proud to launch our new anthology Hopes and Dreams That Sound Like Yours: Stories of Queer Activism in Sub-Saharan Africa to mark this year’s International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism, and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT).

In this stunning debut novel—a tale of self-discovery and feminist awakening—a feisty Nigerian-Ghanaian girl growing up amid the political upheaval of late 1960s postcolonial Ghana begins to question the hypocrisy of her patriarchal society, and the restrictions and unrealistic expectations placed on women. Young Esi Agyekum is the unofficial “secret keeper” of her family, as tight-lipped about her father's adultery as she is about her half-sisters’ sex lives.

What does it mean for a family to lose a child they never really knew? 

Exhale is a queer anthology wrapped in the idea of a release, a letting go, breathing out. An orgasm. These are the stories that come out when you play sip or spill, truth or dare, never have I ever and lasts longer than 7 minutes in heaven. With sexual experiences from all over Africa, this anthology introduces some exciting new literary voices and brings you some of your established favourites.

The first novel by an Equatorial Guinean woman to be translated into English, La Bastarda is the story of the orphaned teen Okomo, who lives under the watchful eye of her grandmother and dreams of finding her father. Forbidden from seeking him out, she enlists the help of other village outcasts: her gay uncle and a gang of “mysterious” girls revelling in their so-called indecency. Drawn into their illicit trysts, Okomo finds herself falling in love with their leader and rebelling against the rigid norms of Fang culture.

An Ordinary Wonder is a story of the courage needed to be yourself.