Bletchley Park

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Maggie Meets: Bletchley ParkThe scene of unrelenting human ingenuity during World War Two, while the story of the decipherment of the Enigma codes and Alan Turing is celebrated in the movie the Imitation Game, less well known is what life was actually like for the thousands of women and men who worked at Bletchley Park under clandestine conditions. With access to Bletchley Park and contributions from historians and scientists Maggie Lee meets two remarkable people who worked at Station X, learning how the top secret work carried out here helped usher in the computer age and deepen the foundations of the UK's cyber and intelligence centre, better known today as GCHQ.Contributors : Arthur Maddocks, Taylor Downing, Betty Webb, David Kenyon, Professor Nigel Shadbolt, Sir Dermot Turing, Maggie Lee