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ISBN/EAN: 9780795708855
Sprache: Englisch
Einband: Paperback


Karabo, a light-skinned girl living in Mthatha, grew up with the hurtful cry of ‘yellowbone’ ringing in her ears. She hears her parents argue, not realising that questions surrounding her paternity are the cause. To Karabo, there can be no greater bond than the one between her and ‘Teacher’, as her father is called.
With her exotic appearance, people expect Karabo to coast through life on her looks alone, but she moves to London to study architecture. At a private recital, a priceless antique violin binds her fate to that of virtuoso André Potgieter, who fled to London to hide a secret – though no saint himself, he sees angels. And he’d do anything to keep seeing them.
Spanning three countries – South Africa, Britain and Ghana – Yellowbone is a powerful, enthralling story exploring belonging and identity, justice, deceit and truth.


Ekow Duker has worked as an oil field engineer, investment banker and corporate strategist. Currently, he works in data science in Johannesburg. He has published four novels: White Wahala (2014), Dying in New York (2014), The God who Made Mistakes (2016) and Yellowbone (2019). White Wahala was a finalist in the 2011/12 EU Prize for Literature.