Bakwa 10 - Family Politricks

Bakwa Magazine 10

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ISBN/EAN: 9781733752640
Sprache: Englisch
Einband: Paperback


What does family mean? How do we relate to it? Is it defined exclusively by blood ties? How often does it fuck us up? How often does it protect us? From Bamenda to Maryland, Port Harcourt to Addis Ababa, Bakwa 10 explores the ways in which families make and unmake us. Contributors include: Pwaangulongii Dauod, Sada Malumfashi,Bertille Mbarga, Lebohang Mojapelo, Géraldin Mpesse, Eleanor TK, Nelson Kamkuimo, Mignotte Mekuria, Kanyinsola Olorunnisola, and JK Anowe.

Cover by Christo Musinguzi



Another Vacancy for the Post of Jesus Christ, Pwaangulongii Dauod

Uncle Mike, Eleanor TK


Some Things are Most Beautiful in the Dark, Kanyinsola Olorunnisola

The Praise Singer, Sada Malumfashi

The Language of Dreams, Mignotte Mekuria

Le revenant, Nelson Kamkuimo

Il était temps, Bertille Mbarga

Trépasser pour si peu, Géraldin Mpesse


JK Anowe, “Keeping House”, “Parable of Efulefu Going Nowhere”, “Roadkill in the Rearview”

Lebohang Mojapelo, “Losing Herself”, “Teaching Her Father”