Learning is action

Hörbuchdownload - Students Discussion 2 Claremont 1968, Sprecher: Jiddu Krishnamurti

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&quote;Learning is action - 12 November 1968 Oureducationisconcernedwiththeaccumulationofknowledge.Veryfewofusare capable of living a life without the influence of specialists. What is the point of going to a university, getting a degree and disappearinginto the vast structure of society? Q: How shall we approach the idea of study? If you express from something already accumulated it is a deadly bore, but ifyou are all the time watching, not only yourself but the world, you are learning. Q: You say that a mantra is an escape. Do you think that people use drugs as anescape or because they want to become closer? When I observe myself I cannot learn if I condemn what I find. We observe through our imagination, through our image, through ourknowledge.&quote;