German Mechanized Infantry on Combat Operations in Afghanistan

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In 2010, German soldiers in Afghanistan were involved in the heaviest fighting since the establishment of the Bundeswehr. After eight months of preparation for operations, our 2nd Company, 92 Mechanized Infantry Training Battalion, was the first unit of Task Force Kunduz III to be deployed completely to Afghanistan, and only a few days after its arrival started to patrol the troubled district of Chahar Darreh.


Bohnert, Marcel, Major; diploma in educational the-ory; born in 1979; attended the National Gen-eral/Admiral Staff Officer Course of the Bundeswehr (LGAN 2015) at the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College in Hamburg; formerly section leader in Task Force Zur, Kosovo; officer commanding a combat unit with Task Force Kunduz in Afghanistan, and head of a military section at Bundeswehr University, Hamburg; author of numerous articles concerning the ISAF mission as well as editor of the much-discussed anthologies "Armee im Aufbruch" (Armed Forces on the Move), "Die unsichtbaren Veteranen" (The Un-seen Veterans), and the mission report "200 Tage Kunduz" (200 Days Kunduz).